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Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 2008 pictures

August was a busy and fun month. Here are a smattering of pics to give a brief idea of what August 08 was for us.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Austin's prep & first day at the MTC

At exactly 1pm today I knew that many hundreds of miles away my missionary was entering the MTC and another was coming home. There was a jubilant "welcome home" sign posted in the front yard of a good friend who was just dashing off to the airport in that same moment. She was our Stake President's wife. In fact just the night before both she and he were in Utah for Austin's setting apart as a missionary. Her missionary was just returning from India at the exact same time and day mine was just going in. Ahhh the cycles of missionary life. They go out young, nervous and immature and return peaceful, mature and steady men of God. Today our baby boy entered the MTC ready to embark on his mission to the Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission. It absolutely killed me not to be there with him, placing his badge on his jacket and watching as he entered through those mission doors for 2 years. As it was, finances and frustrations hobbled our abilities and we let a precious moment in time vanish from us only be photographed by my sweet sister, Michelle. (Huge thanks Micki!) I thought I was fine until she sent a couple of photos of Austin proudly standing next to the MTC gate and another of him excitedly holding his brand new missionary badge on his suit coat close to his beaming face. AUGH! I am so happy for him...and so dissappointed I couldn't have witnessed it myself. It certainly has been a weird ride with him over the past 3 months since his mission call. I have coaxed, warned, reminded and threatened him continually on and off for 3 whole months! This is one guy that doesn't like to prepare or pack! In fact his whole existance over the past 3, has been in search of the last bit of fun with his friends. Even the day of his noon departure he was off doing breakfast with his friends while I hoped he would get back in time to buy the last piece of luggage he needed and then pack it. Oh my goodness*! Ah well, can I blame him....even though I am totally not like this and have a hard time with this procrastination thing. We will see if it bites him on the end of his MTC stay. He is scheduled to depart for Argentina on Sept 29. However, he did not get his immunizations done until late and still has a Hepatitis A series shot left to go.... in NOV. So we'll see if they let him go or if he will have to stay until he's finished his immunizations. Ahh it is what it is and there is no use fretting about anything now eh? I am just soooooo glad that he is finally there and can now devote all of his attention to his mission. What a blessing a missionary is! 2 years goes quickly.

Friday, March 31, 2006

New letter & pics

Check out the new pics and letter at Elder Schupple's website

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Bill & Sherra still dancing we are still kicking up a storm and loving it after almost 24 years of marriage! Posted by Picasa